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7 Natural Ways To Produce More Testosterone

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If you are suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction, getting fatigued out at the drop of the hat, gradually putting on belly fat and can't seem to be able get rid of it, diminishing muscle tone and if you are working out with weights in the gym, you find it very difficult to put on muscle mass, I may have some bad news for you. You may well be suffering from low testosterone level and a trip to the doctor's office for some tests to ascertain that may be necessary for you if you want to at least regain back some of your lost masculinity.

Why is this bad news? Well, your testosterone, often known as the male hormone is largely produced in the testicles although women too have some of this hormone albeit in much smaller quantities. The main role of testosterone is to regulate the masculinity functions of a man such as having harder penile erections and sustaining them, growth of body and facial hair, maintaining a healthy male reproductive system, bone and muscle development and strengthening, the production of red blood cell (erythrocytes), prostrate cancer prevention as well as the maintenance of the man's emotions and sense of well being.

So if are a male and your testos production is low, then you may go on to develop several health issues especially those pertaining to your manhood. Therefore there is a need to recharge your testosterone production capability.

Testosterone natural production in men starts to decline progressively as they age and usually by the late twenties onwards, the downward spiral gets even more rapid as the years go by. Besides the natural drop in testosterone levels as men get older, there are many other factors that contribute and even accelerate the decline in the natural production such as our exposure to certain prescriptive medications, environmental pollutants and chemicals in our food and those things which we come into contact with.

Other factors such as high body fat ratio or obesity, injuries to the testicles (because testosterone is mainly produced in the testes), inflammatory diseases, alcohol consumption, having high cortisol level (stress hormone), lack of sleep and stress (both physical and mental) can also contribute to the plunge.

Immediate steps can be taken to slow down the decline such as avoiding sugary food and drinks, abstaining from the consumption of processed food, avoid or use less often chemical laden household items like shampoos, artificial air fresheners, by eating more organic foods etc. In other words, go green to save yourself and save the planet along with the process. That would be great, wouldn't it?  

On the other hand, too much testosterone also have its own negative repercussions such as going bald, gynecomastia (development of male breast), unwanted body hair growth and so on. Although it is rare for people to have too much testosterone, this usually happens only when people misuse or abuse performance enhancement drugs such as anabolic steroids.

When you are diagnosed with low testosterone level, your doctor may recommend you to undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). However, it is recommended that you exhausted every other natural ways to increase your own natural production first before you opt for testosterone replacement therapies.

There are various ways to do this such as :-

a) Application of testosterone gels - The gel is usually applied on the skin or inside the nose so as to be absorbed into the bloodstream.You have to be very careful not to accidentally touch other people so as not to rub off the gel onto other people who do not need the gel to avoid negative consequences to them.

b) Skin and mouth patches - Works the same way as the gels through surface tissue absorption of the active ingredients.

c) Injections - These are Intramuscular injections deliver the testosterone direct into your muscle tissues to be distributed into the bloodstream. 

If you are contemplating about undergoing testosterone replacement therapies, please do understand that testosterone is very addictive in nature and doing so may mess up your brain chemistry.

Many people do experienced symptoms of very negative side effects when they try to stop the therapy. You may experience wild mood swings, insomnia, physical and mental lethargy, restlessness, decreased libido, onset of male sexual impotency, irritability, depression, suicidal tendency and the craving for even more testosterone (to put it bluntly, it is somewhat akin to being a narcotic drug addict going on cold turkey withdrawal).

Furthermore, having testosterone replacement therapy may even shut down your own natural production capacity completely. This will mean that when you stop the therapy, your body will be unable to produce the testos like it used to before you begun the therapy and your low testosterone level will be worse off than you were before. So the decision to begin TRT is a very serious one indeed.

Some may ask why are there no oral tablets or capsules in TRT. This is because the thinking is that oral ingestion may damage the liver and thus, the above described methods are used so as to bypass the liver.

Common side effects of TRT is skin irritation on the surface areas where the therapy was being administered on. The more serious side effects are the increased risks of getting a stroke, heart complications, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism among several other negative side effects. That is why testosterone replacement therapies can only be rendered by a trained medical professional since the person administering the treatment has got to competently ascertain that the therapies are suitable and safe for his or her patients.


Fortunately, you can increase your own natural occurring testosterone production without any artificial infusion. Here are 7 ways to boost your testos naturally.

1) Intensive Weight Training - Intensive weightlifting exercises, especially heavy compound exercises such as barbell squats, bench presses, chin ups, push ups and deadlifts, will help to increase your testosterone level. This is because when you train intensively, your body reacts by producing more testosterone to help fuel your muscle growth and repair. As such the more muscle mass you have, the more your natural testosterone is being produced on a daily basis.

However, do take breaks in between gym days so that you do not put your body under too much stress as described in point 3 below.

2) Take Testosterone Boosting Supplements - You can buy these supplements easily from your neighborhood pharmacies or online. Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Vitamin D, Zinc which can also be found in shellfish like oysters, Tongkat Ali and Panax Ginseng just to name a few that are known to boost your own natural production. It is much safer to take natural testosterone boosters instead of going for testosterone replacement therapy.

Please note that these supplements do not have testosterone as their active ingredient, but are made from medicinal herbs, vitamins and minerals that are supposed to help you to produce more of your testos in a natural way. They are also not verified by FDA but yet are thought to be helpful from anecdotal evidences and manufacturers' statements and recommendations.

3) Keep Yourself Stress Free - Avoid both mental and physical stress. Pamper yourself in a spa, go for a leisurely swim when you are stressed up, join a meditation class or take home leave to go for a relaxing vacation. The options are very wide for stress relief.

Furthermore, you will produce more cortisol (stress hormone) when you are under physical, mental and emotional stress. This increase in cortisol will in turn suppress your testosterone production. Even too much exercise will produce the stress hormone, so keep you exercise routine under 45 mins or less.

4) Sleep More And Sleep Longer - You need to have enough restful sleep. At least 7 hours or more per night whenever possible.

You see, when you are sleeping, your body regenerates and repairs itself. To perform these functions, several hormones including human growth hormones and testosterone are produced in abundance. So if you do not sleep enough, you will not producing enough testos.

Furthermore, suffering from a lack of sleep is stressful mentally and physically and this further suppresses your testosterone level and raising your cortisol instead. Double whammy indeed! You don't want this to happen to you, don't you?

5) Avoid alcohol - Alcohol suppresses your testosterone level and causes your estrogen level (female hormone) to rise. Yes, males do have estrogen albeit in much smaller quantity than females. This is one of the reasons why frequent and heavy drinkers often suffer from erectile dysfunction, obesity, muscle loss and the development of male boobs among other negative effects of over indulging in alcohol consumption.

6) Lose weight now - Obesity not only leads to many negative health issues, it is also a culprit for low testosterone level. You can learn how to lose weight here.

7) Avoid prolonged cardio exercises - Yes, cardio exercise is good for your cardiovascular system, however prolonged cardio exercises such as running long distances or running too long a period on a treadmill should be avoided because this will increase your stress level and as such raise your cortisol level not to say that you are also burning up your healthy muscle tissues for energy creating a vicious cycle since the more muscle cells you have, the more testosterone you produce. So cardio exercises should not be longer than 20 minutes. Read how to boost your testosterone now.




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