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What Is Human Growth Hormone? {HGH In A Nutshell}

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Why do we need more human growth hormones?

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Supplements

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is sometimes also called the elixir of youth is a protein hormone which is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland which is located in the Sella Turcica also known as the Turkish Saddle just below the brain. This hormone's main primary role is to trigger the body's cellular growth and the production of cells. It stimulates growth in children and also helps to manage several bodily functions such as the muscle and bone, body fat metabolism and heart functionality. 

Gone were the days when HGHs were extracted from healthy people or cadavers (dead human bodies) to treat patients, especially so for children with growth hormone deficiency. Nowadays, artificial HGH is produced in the laboratory with modern DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) technology.

HGH treatments given to aging adults is to slow down or even reverse the aging process and is scientifically proven to enhance strength, build muscles, boost libido, improve skin elasticity, lose excess unwanted weight and beefing up your bone density among other things. This makes it one of the most effective anti-aging treatment towards getting a healthier, stronger and younger physique for the aging population.

Besides painful injections (hgh replacement therapy), there are also supplements which are usually precursors to help your body produce more of its own natural occurring growth hormones. HGH supplements are more popular since they are much less expensive, has little or no negative side effects and are much more accessible than artificial Hgh replacement therapies offered by the medical fraternity.

These supplements are not actual growth hormones, but are formulated to induce your body to produce more of its very own natural hormones. Any negative side effects are extremely rare if any at all, in contrast to injecting artificial Hgh into the body.

Some research have suggested that middle aged folks who consume HGH supplements can lose more than 10% of their total body fat and therefore taking HGH supplements for weight loss may be an easier option than going on a diet to reduce unwanted body weight. Of course the results do vary from people to people.

Older folks fighting wrinkles and fine lines can also take HGH supplements to improve their skin elasticity and suppleness and thus may not need to visit aestheticians for facial treatments anymore. This is because HGH supplements like GenF20 are able to help exacerbate protein synthesis which in turn induces you to produce more collagen and elastin for a clearer, youthful looking skin and a glowing complexion.

People with balding or greying hair can also benefit from these supplements as a higher hgh level in the body can also help to stimulate hair growth and maintaining hair color to keep your hair healthy and looking more lively.

Fitness buffs are also attracted to this supplement as it is also known to help in building muscle mass and preventing muscle degeneration as we age. As such, older men can build a muscular physique complete with a washboard six pack abs if they have enough growth hormone and testosterone (a male hormone which can also be found in women although in a much lower quantity). They will feel fitter, healthier and younger.


Another aging related medical condition that can benefit from Human Growth Hormone supplementation consumption is high blood pressure as Hgh can help to reduce stress and anxiety giving the person the feeling of calmness and serenity and as such can help in the lowering blood pressure.


For those with low libido or even suffering from erectile dysfunction, having more of this hormone can actually reverse the conditions leaving you raring to go and becoming more virile in the bedroom. In fact, with more human growth hormones flowing in your body, the risks of heart diseases and strokes are also minimized. Other benefits of HGH treatments are improved vision, enhanced brain function and better immunity against diseases.

Therefore if you want to look and feel younger, healthier and stronger and to slow down the ravaging aging process, then you ought to increase the level of human growth hormones by supplementing your diet with GenF20


As more and more people are beginning to recognize the benefits of having sufficient hgh, many are boosting their growth hormone levels through injections. However, getting higher levels of hgh this way comes with the many risks of negative side effects which you can read about in the question and answer section below. 

So it is better to raise your hgh levels naturally and here are 5 ways in which you can do it without any nasty side effects :-

1) Lose weight - Overweight people are more likely to have lower levels of hgh since the quantity of body fat you have on you is directly associated to your hgh production. People with higher body fat percentage and especially belly fat (visceral fat) will be much more likely to have more difficulties in producing enough hgh.

Studies have conclusively proven that people with triple the amount of tummy fat had considerably less amount of growth hormones as compared to those who weigh much lesser. Those research also found that once the obese test subjects shed their body fat and especially their tummy fat significantly, their hgh levels were increased along in the process. Click this link for tips on losing weight.

2) Avoid sugar intake - Sugar which spikes up your insulin level will cause a nasty drop in your hgh production. So cut off your sugar consumption if you can. Refined carbohydrates such as in flour products, white bread, pastries, cakes, white rice and so on can also cause your insulin level to shoot up dramatically.

Consuming these high glycemic carbs can have more or less the same effect on your growth hormone level as the consumption of sugary food and beverages. The good news is that by eliminating all these food and sugar from your diet, you will also lose weight and thus your production of hgh will increase in tandem as well. 

You can also try intermittent fasting. Several studies have shown that when your body is in a fasted state, it will produce more growth hormones. Furthermore, you will also be consuming less carbohydrates and will be able to better control your blood sugar level better thus inducing more efficient hgh production. 

3) High intensity exercise - Any regular exercise program will boost your hgh production naturally. However, high intensity exercise will increase even more hgh because of its metabolic nature and the increase in the lactic acid when you work out with enough intensity. 

So what are high intensive exercises? Well, it can be lifting heavy weights with compound movements such as in barbell squats, deadlifts, bench presses and chin ups. Power sprints over short distances for not more than 20 minutes with rests in between and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are also excellent ways to boost hgh production.

On the other hand, stay away from long duration cardio exercises like running long distances. This is because after a certain period of time, your body will be under stressful condition and this will give rise to the increase of cortisol (stress hormone). High levels of cortisol will cause your Hgh and testosterone levels to plunge. 

4) Sleep more - While you are sleeping, your body starts producing many types of hormones to repair itself from the day's wear and tear. So it goes on to say that the lesser you sleep, the lesser hgh is being produced. Perhaps this is the reason why people call it beauty sleep?

5) Take supplements - Take multi vitamin supplements to boost your growth hormones as deficiency in some vitamins and minerals can impair hgh production, especially so for older people. One such health supplement to increase and boost your human growth hormone production naturally is GenF20.


1) Is having the optimal level of human growth hormone overrated? If not, what are its health benefits? - We shall list the various benefits of hgh here and you can see for yourself whether it is overrated or not.

a) Reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases - People who have low levels of hgh will run a higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart problems. In a study done in Sweden on people who have growth hormone deficiencies, researchers found that the test subjects had higher body fat content and triglycerides. This study suggested that the lipoprotein metabolism of the study group was modified by the hgh deficiency and thus raising the risk of contracting various types of cardiovascular related diseases

b) Build muscles and gain strength - Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone that enhances cellular repair and reproduction. This hormone intensify the production of  IGF-1 and amplifies protein synthesis and as such gives your body an anabolic effect thereby stimulating muscle and strength gain. 

c) Lose excess body weight - In yet another study, researchers found that overweight test subjects with a higher concentration level of hgh can lose up to 15% of their body fat without even going on a diet or on an exercise program. The caveat is that this study was conducted only on older men as test subjects reason being that older people have less naturally occurring human growth hormones.

In another such study conducted by the University of California San Francisco which took the researchers up to half a year to reach a conclusion found out that test subjects lose up to 13% of body fat and saw an increased in lean muscle mass of more than 4% without any special diet and exercise program at all. So if you are on the heavy side, start losing weight now to increase your hgh level.

d) Build strong bones - Human growth hormone is required for enhancing bone growth, especially so during the time of growing age. As we age, our natural production of hgh decreases and this is one of the reasons why older people are unable to replace their bone density which was lost during the aging process and become very susceptible to bone injuries and even bone fractures.

e) Prevents wrinkles and sagging skin - This is why the human growth hormone is sometimes called the fountain of youth because it helps to repair your skin and prevents or slows down the skin's aging process. Collagen and elastin are vital components for having younger looking and supple skin. As our levels of hgh decline with age, our skin gets thinner and thinner. It is for this reason that fine lines, wrinkles and other skin blemishes begin to show up.


Although taking good care of your skin by using moisturizers, good cosmetic products, consuming skin health supplements may strengthen and hydrate the skin, they can barely stop the skin from sagging with age. Human growth hormone works from the inside energize the skin’s collagen synthesis resulting in the improvement of skin elasticity and suppleness and at the same time eliminating wrinkles, fine lines and pushes up sagging skin giving it a firmer look.

So, do you still think that the importance of the human growth hormone is overrated? 

2) What are the signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiency? - Adults and children manifest different signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiencies (GHD). We will begin by discussing GHD in children first.


One of the most common symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in children is when the child is much shorter than children of his or her peer's of the same age. Children suffering from GHD usually will grow less than 2 inches or about 5cm per year where normal children grow about 2.5 inches a year until they reach puberty and then the growth spurts can spike up to 4 inches each year until they become adults.

Some GHD children's face may look younger than other kids of the same age, they may also be chubbier and may have retarded dental growth. Others may have delayed puberty or never even enter the puberty phase of growth at all.

In adults with GHD, symptoms may and do vary. Some may go into anxiety or depression at the fall of the hat while others will have libido related disorders, decreased in strength, heightened muscular dystrophy, loss of memory , having difficulties in focusing their thought proccess​, higher levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream, feeling fatigue easily, low bone density and the propensity to put on belly fat.​ 

Do understand that not everyone will have the same symptoms or all of the symptoms mentioned. So if you do suspect that you may have growth hormone deficiency, then it is about time to see a doctor to conduct some tests to have it accurately diagnosed and treated.

3) I am considering to increase my human growth hormones and testosterone by anabolic steroid injections, however I have heard that there may be some bad negative side effects in HGH replacement therapy. How true is this? - The first consideration to contemplate on is the high cost of hgh the injections as it can be very expensive. This is why the hgh replacement therapy option is out of reach for most common people.

You ought to first find out the types of legal hgh injections which your doctor will be placing you on and how much is the cost and whether or not you can sustain the cost of the therapy for the long term. Do understand that you are not allowed to self administer the injections since legal growth hormone injections can only be administered by a qualified medical professional.

Also, one of the risks you may face is that since the body is regularly infused with high doses of hgh, the body then has no reason to produce its own hgh and thus may decrease its own natural production of the hormone or even shuts down its own production completely and permanently. When this happens, the person may have to rely on hgh injections for the rest of the person's life. This is very frightening proposition to think about, don't you think so?

However by all means, you should avoid injecting synthetic hgh into the body, commonly referred to as anabolic steroid injection. This is a banned performance or sports enhancement substance and is usually used illegally by athletes and especially bodybuilders. The substance is banned because of the many side effects that may come along with using it.

Although many people may swear that if used correctly, the negative side effects of artificial steroid injections can be avoided as evidenced by their own personal use without any health hazards for numerous years. Yes, these people may have circumvented the disastrous side effects, but for how long before the side effects suddenly strike? Could the side effects manifests themselves later on in their lives? Are you willing to take the risks?

Although the advocates of steroid injections may suffer no significant side effect issues when used on themselves, at least at the moment, official studies have shown many real risks of negative potential side effects. Here are just five of the many risks :-

a) Abnormal bone growth disorder - Some people may experience some abnormal growth in their bones which may lead to painful bone and ugly deformities. A common condition of such abnormal growth is called Acromegaly which is usually caused by having too much growth hormones in the bloodstream and will manifest itself in the form of unusually big hands, feet and face. This in not only aesthetically ugly but can even shorten the victim's life.

b) Fluid retention - It may cause some people to retain too much water in the body and this can lead to painful swelling of the joints and extremities like the hands and the feet.

c) Unusual enlargement of internal organs - When the body has too much growth hormones, it can cause the internal organs to grow larger in size than they normally should. When this situation occurs, it can lead to several serious medical complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even organ failure which can certainly be fatal. When the internal organs grow bigger, the tummy is extended like as if the person is pregnant or having a big belly even though the person is not obese. This is called the "HGH Gut".

d) Development of gynecomastia - This is often known as the male boobs or man breast syndrome. Its about guys developing breast tissues resulting in their chest looking like a woman's breast. This will be pretty nasty for men aesthetically.

e) Development of cancer cells - Artificial and synthetic growth hormones may hasten development and the growth of various forms of cancer. Nobody in his right mind will want to get the potentially deadly cancer cells, right?

As curiosity and interest in hgh replacement therapy increases in the developed world, the potential negative side effects should be considered extremely carefully before jumping into the bandwagon.

So if you want to increase your growth hormone level safely, why not take supplements such as Genf20 which is much less expensive and no prescription is needed because it is made from natural ingredients to stimulate your body to produce more of your own natural human growth hormones without exposing yourself to the terrible risks of serious negative side effects.


Watch CNN Report  Video Below - On why Hollywood stars are turning to expensive anabolic steroids and risky Human Growth Hormone replacement therapies

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This chart shows the decline of Hgh at various stages of our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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