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How To Get A Sexy Hot Bikini Model's Body {7 Steps Female Fitness Physique Tips}

Sexy slim bikini model by the swimming pool
Female fitness model workout plan
Beautiful bikini clmodels showing off their sexy physiques

Sexy supermodels at a fashion beauty contest flaunting their fabulous bodies in the swimwear section of an international female pageant. If these lovely hot models can own such beautiful physiques, so can you since most of them were not born this way, but worked hard on it to get their body tone and curves.

Barbell squat demonstration by a female personal trainer
Female model showing how to execute a dumbbell lunge

The barbell squat works out multiple muscle parts and will help to tone up your entire physique even though the primary muscles activated in the move are of the lower body including your butt.

This is one excellent exercise that you won't want to miss if you want to develop a hot female bikini model's body.

The dumbbell lunge works out the entire lower body including your abs, lower back as well as the forearm because of the grip.

This exercise is very good for developing a perky bubble well rounded butt.

Tips On How To Look Good And Hot In Your Bikini 

Every woman will love to own a hot sexy bikini model's body figure to show off elegantly at the beach or at the swimming pool, don't you agree? Sad to say, most girls just do not have the slender well toned physique to do just that. So how can one get and develop a hot bikini fitness model's body that makes men drool? Well, here are some tricks and tips to develop and bring out those sexy curves in you.

1) Choose the right swimwear  - If you are a little overweight and do not own a curvy beach body just yet, then you should find a swimwear that can accentuate and compliment your already better shaped body parts. When selecting the right and compatible bikini or bathing suit for yourself, just ensure that you choose the one that will not highlight your not so flattering body parts unknowingly so that these areas will not be so apparent to someone who is looking at you.

If you have the time, then start a weight loss diet program in order to get rid of your excess body fat. Losing excess body weight can be quite easy if only you are willing to follow an already proven diet plan in a disciplined and determined manner. Besides looking sexier, you can also reap all the health benefits of not being overweight.

In the event that you are purchasing a swimsuit when your body shape is not so slender, never never choose one with horizontal stripes since the design will make you look wider and bigger than you actually are and thus emphasizing your unflattering body fat. On the other hand, you should pick one with bold dark color such as black or dark blue ones which can absorb light reflection which in turn will then make you seemed slimmer than your body contour actually is. So simply play along sensibly with optical illusions to compliment your beachwear figure.

2) Start lifting weights -  Girls. Do not worry about getting big muscles as women just don't have enough of the muscle building hormone testosterone. So no worries ladies, you will not become the Incredible Hulk look alike. Instead training with weights will tone up your muscles giving you the fit, firm and healthy physique instead of looking flabby and worn out. Don't you also want to look more elegant with a well toned figure?

As for the underweight girls, weight training will help you to gain some muscle weight and at the same time will your body will be aesthetically well toned giving lovely shape to your skinny limbs and body contour.

One thing people often neglect when working out in the gym is the training of the lower body. You don't want to have a sexily well toned upper body, but with a pair of flabby or skinny legs and a sagging butt, do you? Of course you don't, right? So do include some lower body exercises like barbell squats, calf raises and dumbbell lunges to your workout routine. Do remember that your legs and your sexy perky butt curvature is exposed for the admiration by others when you are in your bikini, so don't ever neglect those body parts in your exercise routine.

Whilst lifting weights will tone up your body, do throw in some High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short into the mix of the exercises that you do. As an example is to run for one minute, then walk for another minute and then run again for another minute and repeat the process for the next 20 minutes.

Do this on a treadmill so as to minimize the impact on your joints since good treadmills are designed to absorb the impact on your joints when you are running on it. This is to prevent the wearing out of the connective tissues in your joints. Furthermore, the HIIT routine will increase your stamina, strengthens your heart and lungs and improves your blood circulation to give you a radiant bright glowing skin and will also help you to lose unwanted weight faster than most conventional cardio exercises can ever do. Try it now and you will be pleasantly astonished to see some good results pretty quickly.

Remember to eat less carbohydrates since carbohydrates, especially the refined and processed ones which are heavily laden with sodium and other chemicals which will trigger off water retention making you bloat and looking kind of puffy. Furthermore by cutting carbo consumption, you will also lose unwanted body weight really quickly unless you are already slim and slender to begin with. Eating less carbs along with much reduced sugary stuff will also help you to lose body fat much faster. So if you want to lose your unsightly body fat real fast, then go for the low carb diet.

3) Getting a sun tan - Having a golden sun tan makes you look leaner, healthier and therefore sexier. It also makes your lovely curves more noticeable thru less light reflection and optical illusion. However, do not expose yourself to the sun too long and/or too often as the sun's ultra violet rays and getting sun burnt can and will badly damage your skin. The sun damaged skin can be permanent feature and any damages done will be rather difficult to reverse. So do be careful about regular or prolonged sun exposure. Getting a tan from an indoor tanning saloon have the same effect as sun exposure since the tanning machines also emit skin damaging ultra violet light.

4) Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss diet - If weight loss is your primary objective, you may like to try out intermittent fasting. This diet program is healthy and yet is very effective to help you to lose your excess body fat. It will help to get you the slimmer waist to fit into your skimpy hot bikini. You will achieve your female bikini fitness model body shape even much faster if you combine the intermittent fasting with a regular exercise program such as High Interval Intensity Training as described earlier and to get even more spectacular weight loss result when combining them with the ketogenic diet as well. Here are some tips to losing weight.

5) Moisturize your skin - I mean to moisturize your entire body daily, not just your face since you will be exposing much of your body in your bikini for all to see. Otherwise your flaky dry skin will give you a dull and aged appearance. At the same time, use a rough shower sponge designed to exfoliate dead skin cells instead of the smooth ones. This will make your skin looking fresher and lovelier.

6) Be mindful of your posture - Do not hunch. Hunching not only can give you back, neck and shoulder pain in the long run, it also makes you look shorter, dejected and unattractive. You can instantly look better when you pull back your shoulders and keeping your head held up high. By doing this, you not only will look and feel more confident, you will at the same time be naturally pulling your belly in and so making your tummy looking slimmer. This posture will also improve the curvature of your back and neck spine helping you to prevent neck, shoulders and back pain​ in the future. Furthermore, you will also look taller too.

7) Reduce stress your level - When you are feeling stressful and full of anxiety, people can subconsciously detect it straightaway and they will feel rather tensed in your presence. This is not exactly an attractive vibe to be sending out at all, don't you agree? What you are emitting are negative vibes and since vibes are energies and these vibrational energies do resonate to people around you. Furthermore, when you are feeling stressful and sluggish, you will also probably be hunching and looking down which says a lot about your low self confidence and poor posture. 

On top of all these, stress and anxiety will cause you to produce more of the hormone called cortisol which facilitates the storage of your body fat. So let your hair down, be relaxed and enjoy yourself. Go and watch a funny movie or two, take up a meditation class, go for a relaxing and invigorating massage or indulge in a spa to pamper yourself in order to let go of your stress and anxiety so that you can feel more relaxed and happy. When you feel good, the vibes you let out will make others feel good too. This in turn will make you more attractive because people will feel relaxed too when you are around.

The above are just some tips on how to get and develop a stunning elegantly hot supermodel's physique on top of being more attractive. To get more details, click Bikini Body Workouts






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Bikini fitness model's workout and diet program

How to execute a barbell squat demonstration by a fitness trainer

A lady personal trainer showing how to do the dumbbell lunge.

A female fitness model in bikini picture

Full body workout at the beach demonstration by female fitness trainer.

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