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How To Naturally Boost And Produce More Collagen For Flawless Youthful Skin

Boost collagen for beautiful skin

Kollagen Intensiv™ is a natural collagen activator enhancing your skin to boost collagen naturally to increase skin elasticity and suppleness, thus getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other ugly skin blemishes.

Collagen for smooth skin

What Is Collagen?

Like it or not, as we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and begin to look dull, saggy, wrinkly, dotted with age spots and other skin blemishes start to appear. One of the main reason for the skin flaws becoming more and more obvious is because of the loss of collagen or collagen deficiency, which is an essential protein to keep the skin youthful and bright.

Collagen is also a major protein and intrinsic connective tissue component that supports the joints, bone, muscle, internal organs, tendons, ligaments and cartilages. As a person ages, the collagen levels continue decline and thus the aging process starts to show with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Some people will even start to get stiffness in their joints and while others will develop painful chronic medical conditions such as arthritis and degenerative joint diseases such as back, knees and neck pain

In the continuing aging process, our bodies are producing less and less of this protein and as such, we need to get it from other sources such as the foods we eat, supplements, topical creams, ointments and lotions.

Collagen can be found only in human and animal connective tissues in the digestive tracts, bones, tendons, muscles and the blood vessels. While collagen is mostly associated with beautiful flawless skin, it is also essential for the health of your hair and nails.

Your internal organs also affect the production of natural collagen and the health of your skin :-

a) If your thyroid is not functioning well, it can lead to acne breakouts, wrinkles, itchiness, dry skin and a sallow complexion.

b) Malfunctions of the endocrine system (hormonal system) which creates hormonal imbalances can hurt the overall health of your skin if not sufficient hormones that are essential for healthy skin are being produced.

c) Your intestines absorb the nutrients of the food you eat and release them into your bloodstream. The rest of the food that are not absorbed are turned into toxic wastes which will cause skin problems among other health issues. Therefore it is vital to move your bowels frequently.

Your lifestyle and environmental factors around you can also negatively affect your skin health and collagen production such as smoking, pollution, stress, too much sun exposure, free radicals, alcohol, too much processed foods, drugs, trans fat and so on. Although too much sun exposure is bad for the skin, it is important that you do not avoid the sun completely as it is an important source of Vitamin D and the vitamin is needed for the absorption of calcium which is vital for your bone health.

One of the best food to replenish your collagen level is bone broth. Since collagen is found in animals' connective tissues and bones, boiling meats and bones to make bone broths and soups to consume is a very good way to add collagen into your diet. Slurping up meat and bone broths not only supplement your collagen intake, they also have anti inflammatory properties and help to sooth aching muscles and joints. Those suffering from arthritis and joint pains can also benefit from consuming bone meat and broths to ease inflammation and pain in the joints.

Make meat and bone broths by boiling them and add other ingredients for good taste. Boiling the meats and bones breaks down the collagen and you will see the gelatin and fat floating on top of the soup. Please do not scoop them off as most people do as these stuff contains collagen in them. You may also add animal organs into the pot. Some organs like the heart tissue is full of collagen.

Eating food made from animal's connective tissues especially that of a cow (bovine collagen) will provide you with types I and III collagen which are the main components of your skin, nails, hair, muscles, bones, tendons teeth, ligaments, blood vessels and the eyes. Bovine collagen also contains glycine which is an amino acid that is needed for the construction of RNA and DNA strands which are required for the production of creatine for muscle development and energy.  

Eat animal skin whenever you have them in your meals. Do not throw them away as many people avoid eating skins of animals because of its fat content, but they do not realize that skins contain a lot of fibrous and connective tissues which include plenty of collagen. 

Supplementing your diet with more Vitamins A, C and E can help also help to replenish collagen levels and will delay the inevitable aging process. However, alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes can lead to deficiencies of these vitamins.

Retinol (derived from vitamin A) is a powerful antioxidant that helps to destroy ravaging free radicals which can cause devastating and permanent damages to your skin. Retinol not only helps to prevent collagen breakdown from sun exposure, it also helps to increase and boost collagen production. However in many countries, you can only get your hands on retinol with a doctor's prescription. 


Another way to supplement your collagen level is via injections by medical professionals. However, these injections are expensive and you need to go for another injection when the effects wear off in a couple of months.

So are there many ways to replenish your collagen levels. Scientists and researchers have formulated the Collagen Intensive anti-aging cream using natural the active ingredients to stimulate and boost your skin's natural production of collagen. Your skin will appear firmer and thicker as your body's ability to produce collagen augments. Your skin, nails and hair will also begin to recover from the devastating effects of sun damage, pollution exposure and smoking. Check out what is this Collagen Intensive anti-aging cream here.




















1) If our bodies produce collagen naturally, why should I eat more collagen rich foods? - It all boils down to the aging process. As we get older with age, from our twenties onward, our natural production of natural occurring collage begin to decline. The older you get, the less our system produce it and that is one of the reasons why we see wrinkles, skin pigmentation and join pains becoming more and more pronounced.

So in order to make up for the incremental shortage of collagen in our systems, we should consume more foods that are rich in collagen or even supplementing them with health supplements containing this protein.

2) What are the tell tale signs of low collagen levels in the body? - Well, there are quite a few physical symptoms you may notice because collagen is a very important protein and being deficient of it can lead to several problems, especially those regarding skin, teeth, bones, hair nails, muscle and joints. Here below, we will discuss just a few of them.

Firstly your cartilages and tendons will thin out through normal wear and tear or are worn out through diseases such as arthritis. Without enough collagen to repair and slow down the degeneration of the cartilages and tendons, you will experience joint stiffness, stability and even chronic pain. Furthermore, it may also lead to a heart disease through a cardiovascular condition known as endothelial dysfunction which is a disorder of your arteries and its ability to relax.

Because collagen is needed for good skin health, a lack of this protein will cause wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags and other skin blemishes to develop much faster than they usually would. Since the shortage of collagen affects your skin health, your skin becomes thinner making it more prone to skin inflammation and sun damage and as such, speeding up the process of aging skin making you looking older than you should. 

If you noticed that your hair is dull and limp, this could also be attributed to collagen deficiency since collagen is found in your hair follicles that helps to feed them with nutrients. Not enough collagen may mean that not enough nutrients are being fed to your crowning glory, that is, if you still have it. So low levels of collagen will result in making your hair looking dull and lifeless, much like a sad withering plant.

Your muscles also need collagen to be healthily attached to the bones, so if not enough of it to support the muscles, you may suffer from muscle aches, pains and stiffness. 

Although ladies are more susceptible getting cellulite, some unfortunate men do get it too. So when collagen your level is low, the skin becomes weak and wrinkled causing excessive fluid to build up underneath the skin and this in turn produces the appearances of unsightly dimpled cellulite skin.

Collagen also helps in anchoring your teeth to the gums. With less of the protein, your gums may recede causing the teeth to be loosened and sometimes even falling out. This phenomenon can also lead to toothache and painful sensitive teeth.


Collagen Rich Foods And Supplements

TV show panel discussing about foods that can increase our own natural collagen production and with natural collagen in them video.

Collagen booster treatment
5 collagen boosting foods infographic

Eat more of these 5 foods to increase collagen production the natural way

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Bak Kut Teh is a pork rib bone broth boiled for hours together with traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. This dish is a perennial favorite in South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It is also quite popular in southern China where people eat the dish quite regularly.

The dish is usually eaten with pork organs broth along with white rice, pickles and red chilli. This broth is very rich in both collagen and elastin. Is it any wonder why people in these parts of  the world have more youthful looking skin and healthy lustrous hair?

Watch this video to find out what Bak Kut Teh is all about.

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