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How To Get Larger Fuller Breast {4 Breast Augmentation Tips}

Get bigger boobs therapy

4 chest exercises YouTube video for ladies who want to develop a firmer and bigger breast.

Every woman wants to own a beautiful pair of sexy voluptuous natural looking boobs, doesn't she? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to show off your superb female physique like a female fitness bikini model? So why not give yourself a breast lift if you are unhappy with your breast size or shape? One of the most common method of breast enlargement or re-shaping of the breast is to go under the knife although this surgical procedure is usually not necessary most of the time to have bigger firmer boobs.

Just in the United States alone, records showed that there were almost half a million breast augmentation, enhancement and breast enlargement surgeries done each and every year. As such, this surgical procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the USA, let alone worldwide. The questions to ask are whether is it necessary to get a surgery done for beast implants to get a pair of bigger breast? Will there be any medical complications and if so, what are they and how serious can the complications be? These questions will be addressed later in the article.

A pair of bigger and more curvaceous boobs certainly provides the woman a confident self image boost not to say being more physically and sexually attractive (depending on whose perspective). Thankfully, there are easier and cheaper options available to enlarge or enhance one's breast without going through painful surgeries, inconveniences and being put at risks to their negative or even dangerous side effects.


Breast augmentation fundamentally falls into 2 categories, that is the surgical and the non-surgical methods. Breast implants are the most preferred method of which it is a surgical procedure. 

Breast implant procedure is usually done by inserting sacs filled up with either silicone or saline (salt water) just under the breast tissues or under the pectoral (chest) muscles of the patient. The patient will usually be under general anesthesia for the procedure to be carried out although in some cases, the patients may just get it done with only the help of a local anesthesia.

The most common method of the placement of implants is when the aesthetic surgeon makes a cut just under the breasts and then insert the implants through the slit of the incision. When done well, the breast will be lifted up looking bigger, firmer and perkier.

Another, but less preferred methodology of inserting the implants is when the surgeon makes a slit at the outer area of the areola (the dark skin area around the nipple) and an implant is then inserted through the slit. The reasons why this method is not so well received is that the patient may face problems with breastfeeding when nursing a baby. The patient may also experience some loss of sensitivity and sensation around the nipple area and so as such, may experience diminished sexual stimulation in the nipple area during sexual activities and foreplay.

There are other methods to place the breast implants but they are more complicated and less popular, so we will not discuss them in detail here. If you are considering having a breast implant surgery done to enlarge or re-shape your breast, do note that according to the FDA, breast implants will not last permanently. This is because up to 50% cases of such implants will fail or get damaged during the first decade or so. Therefore another implant surgery may be required for your breast to stay in shape. So do take this fact into consideration when deciding whether to get an implant done or not.

Another common surgical method is called stem fat cell augmentation. However, this stem fat cell surgery method is being frowned upon by some cosmetic surgeons because of the supposed cancer and other health risks and possible medical complications. Also the problem is that all breast enhancement surgical methods are expensive as it requires a very experienced surgeon to carry out the operation as well as the hefty hospital and follow up fees to be paid. So affordability should also be one of your major concern if you are considering a breast reshaping surgery.

Furthermore, the surgeries may lead to negative side effects such as pain, infections, problems with breast feeding, surgery gone awry, as well as being possible impediment to the detection of breast cancers. Again, these are the issues to be considered as well.

The stem fat cell augmentation surgery is done by using the fat cells harvested from the patient's own tummy or thighs through various methods of body fat removal such as in liposuction. These extracted fat tissues are then transplanted into the breast making it bigger with more volume. Prior to the surgery, about half of the fat cells which are to be transplanted will be carefully treated by enriching the stem cells' content so that these cells will be able grow and flourish further on its own in a natural way after being transplanted into the breast and thus enlarging the breast even more over some time.

After the extraction and enrichment process of these cells are accomplished, the surgeon then injects the cells into the breast. This breast augmentation methodology is usually the preference by women whose desires are to enlarge their boobs and also want to get rid of their thigh or belly fat at the same time. To these women, it will like killing two birds with one stone, don't you agree?


Here are 4 of the more popular methods and tips for non-surgical breast enhancement to get larger, fuller and firmer breast :-

1) Breast vacuum pumps - It is used to pump up the breast tissues do so as to have more blood circulated into them so as to stimulate more tissue growth in the breast. However, it will take months of determined and consistent effort to see any signs of breast enlargement, that is if any at all. So this method is rather controversial in its viability and effectiveness.

2) The padded bra - It is used as an illusionary method that does not actually enlarge or re-shape the breast at all, but to give it an optical illusion as if your breast is bigger. The problem is that your sexual partner will know that your breast size is fake when you bare your breast. It is like if you don't have it, fake it then.

3) Chest Exercises - Some women do breast enhancement chest exercises such as bench presses, dumbbell flyes, barbell pullovers and push ups regularly to build up the chest pectoral muscles so that the breast is more enlarged because of the bigger chest muscles underneath it and at the same time, making the breast looking firmer and tighter. This is perhaps the best natural way to enhance your breast size and shape.

4) Pills and Creams - There are a number of supplement pills and creams for breast enhancement out in the market. One of the most popular of such is the Total Curve treatment which is a 3-step breast augmentation method comprising of a natural daily phytoestrogen pill that mimics the effect of estrogen (a female hormone), a breast lifting and a firming gel that is said by the manufacturer to enlarge the breast by up to as much as 10 percent form its original size and an exercise program that is designed to tighten, lift and firm up the boobs making it perkier.

You can read more and get your hands on Total Curve here.

If you are thinking about getting a breast enlargement surgery, perhaps you ought to know the followings:-

1) Questions To Ponder Through - You may want to ask yourself these questions before opting for any surgery such as, am I really so troubled by my present breast size or shape to be willing to go under the knife of a surgeon? Am I looking forward to the surgery or is the mere thought of it is making me very apprehensive and nervous? Will the surgical cost become a financial strain? Am I willing to shoulder the risks and side effects of the surgery? These are certainly very important and pertinent questions to consider before you decide to take the plunge.

2) Temporary Nature Of The Implants - It is estimated that up to about 50% percent of women who underwent breast implant surgeries will need to have another implant only after about a decade or so later since the implants do not usually last that long. This is because over some time, leakages and damages of the implant may occur thus changing the shape and size of the implant making the breasts looking pretty deformed and out of shape.

3) Post Surgery Downtime - The downtime for you to recover from the surgery is usually around a week or so. Of course you will not be feeling perfectly fine and dandy only after one week of down time but you will be good enough to get up and about and attending to light work duties and daily chores. There may still be some soreness and pain in the area of the operation but that should be recovering fully pretty soon enough.

4) Different Touch And Feel - Your breasts will and do feel pretty much different to touch and feel from the real natural breasts because the implants are man-made substances and do not have the texture of natural tissues of the real boobs. Your bed partner will know and can feel the difference.

5) Breast Feeding Difficulty -  Breast enlargement surgery may affect your capability to breastfeed your baby. Women who have breast implants done usually decide not to do breastfeeding at all. This is because when slits for the implants were cut, there may be damages done to the ducts which then may have severed the areola and the nipple from the feeding glands and as such may give rise to difficulties when breastfeeding.

6) Lost Of Feeling And Sensation In The Nipples - Some women may lose sensation in their nipples and the areas around it after the surgery. However even if you lose the feelings in your nipples, they can still respond to sexual stimulation as they will still be able to get hard although you can't feel it sexually. However having harder nipples when stimulated will not present you with any sexual arousal at all since there is is an absence of feeling in the area. So a part of your female sexuality may be terminally vanquished.

7) Effects On Your Physical Posture -  Having a pair of augmented breasts may have an impact on your physical posture since your chest is now heavier and may be pulling you forward resulting in some form of hunching or slouching in your posture. This effect is especially so if you have larger and heavier implants for bigger breasts and as such, may affect your sexual attractiveness. So always be mindful of your posture.

So do consider all these factors when deciding to opt for breast enhancement surgery. The safer, easier and much less expensive alternative is to try out Total Curve Natural Breast Enlargement Therapy first and then to make a decision whether to undergo a surgery after that. 

Surgical or non surgical breast enhancement?

Sample of a breast enhancement pump

A typical hand held mechanical breast enlargement pump. This is easy to use, but will take some time to show results, if any at all. 

Breast implants or Fat Stem Cell Transfer, which is the better surgical procedure? Watch this video where Dr. Bill J. Johnson, MD, MMM. of Innovations Medical in Dallas Texas comparing the both methods of breast enhancement surgery.

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