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9 Simple Weight Loss Tips That Works

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Steps To Easy Weight Loss

Weight Loss exercise demonstration

 The dumbbell bicep curl demonstration. This exercise is for toning the biceps and forearms. Because only small muscles are involved in the move, it is not a great calorie burner.

Compound exercises burn more calories

Barbell squat demonstration by a female personal trainer. High repetition light barbell squat is a fantastic way to burn body fat, build muscles and tone up the entire body. This is because the barbell squat exercise works out many muscle group in your body simultaneously and thus it is also a great calorie burner.

Have you ever wondered why your weight loss program is not working while it worked very well for a friend who recommended the same plan to you? You see, most people who have tried to lose weight by trying to get rid of their extra body fat but failed to reach their desired weight loss goals are as a result of the incompatible weight loss programs they were put on.

You see, different people have different thresholds, so some may succeed on a certain diet and workout plan, others may not because they found that the program was too difficult and tough to stick with. Those plans were probably too difficult and too tough to sustain over a period of time and so they gave up along the way. Are you one of them?

If you are, here is the good news. You do not need to take the plunge into the deep end like doing mindless grueling cardio exercises everyday, of course unless you want to. You also do not need to go on an extreme food deprivation starvation diet that simply saps all your energy, mood and motivation away leaving you feeling hungry and damn well frustrated. Sounds great?

Now, the key to losing weight can be relatively easy if you will only take the correct baby steps towards your desired goals gradually and incrementally. Can you do it? If so, here are nine simple tricks and tips to help take you there and to achieve a more slender physique than you are at the moment. Are you ready to work on them? If you are, here we go!


  1. Choosing The Right Diet To Lose Weight - Many people do not follow a proper and a proven diet plan or strategy. They simply listen to what their friends said and then blindly follow their advise. A simple way to discern whether you are given the right and good advice or not is just to take a look at that friend of yours who are dispensing the advisories. Is he or she in good physical condition and shape? If not, why follow that advice when it did not even work for him or her? Does this make sense to you?

    The key is to choose the right and proven diet plan that works. Read and study carefully all about the different types of diets and then to decide which one you can confidently stick to and then, stick to it! It is as simple as that, right? 

    Your determination to stick it through until you get to your ideal weight loss result is of paramount importance and that is the reason why you must choose a diet plan you able to stick with without giving up along the way. Remember the age old cliche which goes, "No one ever fails. The day you failed is the day you gave up"?

    On this website, there is a "lose weight diets" drop down menu in the navigation bar for you to select the right weight loss diet which is suitable to you. Here are the links to just a couple of them. The Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, the Ketogenic Diet, the Mediterranean Diet and the South Beach Diet, just to name a few. For very fast weight loss result, I will recommend you the Ketogenic Diet combined with Intermittent Fasting. There are no long boring cardio exercises required at all unless you enjoy doing the exercises. Of course, having an exercise program can and do help you to attain your fat loss objective faster and also you can reap the benefits of exercising regularly.

    These diets has been around for decades and had been very successful or else they would have died a natural death years ago if they were ineffective in helping folks, regardless of gender and size to slim down effectively.


  2. Is Your Weight Loss Goal Realistic - Setting goals to achieve your desired weight is definitely encouraged. However everybody have their own unique limitations and thresholds. If you are overly ambitious, setting too high a goal can derail your progress if you can't keep up with it. Even worse, you may lose your motivation and give up completely. You don't want to get there yet again, don't you?

    So set baby step goals so that when you attain your interim results successfully, then give yourself a pat on the back and go on to the next baby step until you complete your journey with great satisfaction. Now you can let Dr. Mike Clark show you how to set smart goals for losing weight and for general wellness in the video below.

    3. Realistic Expectation - You can't expect big results with small changes. If you have been to the gym, you will see the same overweight people pounding on the treadmill regularly. A year or so later, they are still at it and there are no visible changes to their body weight and size.

    Why is that so? This is because when you do the same thing over and over again, you will get the same result. What else in the world do you expect? Didn't the world famous mathematician and physicist Dr Albert Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"? The key is that nothing is ever going to change if you don't change in a big way. Sounds like Anthony Robbins speaking eh? But isn't it true?

    Anyway, contrary to what most people believe, doing long grueling and boring cardio exercises will of course help to burn some calories and strengthen your heart and lungs, but they are not very effective in helping you to lose body fat. If you want to lose weight faster, healthier and more efficiently, you have to combine the right type of exercises such as High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT), weight lifting and a proven weight loss diet system. No, weight loss pills just ain't gonna cut it too.

    Exercise is great for burning some calories, however it is not the only holy grail trick to successful weight loss. There is a bunch of things you need to do to lose weight successfully and healthily like exercising regularly (not to the stage when you find it tough and detesting it), going on a correct diet and changes made to your lifestyle habits like avoiding stress and alcohol, having enough sleep and cutting down sugar intake drastically. No change, no gain, right?

    4. The "I Have No Time" Excuse - Do be honest with yourself. In order for you to get rid of your body fat efficiently and quickly, you need to sacrifice time and effort to research for the right information and tips, look for and prepare the right food to eat and exercising (the correct exercises) regularly. If you can't bring yourself to make the sacrifices, chances are that you will not succeed and will end up giving the lame excuse of "I have no time". So stop deceiving yourself, do you really have what it takes? What is your level of motivation and determination.


    5. Find A Supportive Weight Loss Buddy - Find a friend with the same intention of losing weight or have already successfully attained his or her ideal weight. In a report published by the journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, researchers at the Brown Medical School and Dartmouth College ascertained that people who had the support, encouragement and companionship of a friend who had lost weight were much more likely to lose their own unwanted weight.

    So if you or your buddy is getting results, this will spur and motivate each other on. Besides you will also have a friend working out with you, dining and having fun together. That will make your weight loss journey much less boring and more palatable (pun intended) which is a great motivation in itself, don't you agree?

    6. Drink Water Before Your Meals - Drinking water (strictly H2O water, no sugary drinks), especially before meals will fill up your stomach causing you to be less hungry so that you will not over eat. Furthermore, drinking water can accelerate your metabolism up to by as much as 30% over a time span of about 1.5 hours. This metabolic spike will help you to burn off a few more extra calories albeit in a small way, but every little bit counts and adds up in the end to attain the big picture, don't you agree? Remember the taking of baby steps which we discussed earlier in the article?

    7. Weightlifting - When you lift weights to build muscles, you are burning calories. Also the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be. It other words, your body becomes a natural calorie burner when you are more muscular. On top of that, some of the calories you have eaten will be used up for muscle recovery and repair. As such, these calories will not be stored as body fat.

    As for the ladies, do not fear lifting weights. You will not develop big muscles because women just don't have enough testosterone for that to happen. Instead when your weight loss is successful, you will have a sexy well toned physique like a bikini model's body instead of just becoming a smaller pear from your former bigger pear body shape. 

    8. Have Enough Sleep - Numerous studies has shown that sleep deprivation is one of the biggest risk factors for obesity. Some studies have shown that when children do not have enough sleep on a regular basis, they have up to 90% chance of becoming obese and up to 55% for the adults. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can also give rise to many health issues such as memory loss, high blood pressure, poor balance, higher risks of diabetes and heart diseases among many others.

    You also need enough sleep to recover from your exercise program if you do have one. Also, sleep deprivation will put stress on your body and mind and this will cause your cortisol level to rise. Cortisol is a stress and fat storage hormone which you do not want much of it as it can derail your weight loss process by storing more body fat from whatever you eat. 

    So do remember that it is very important for you to have enough sleep to lose weight healthily and further reap the tons of health benefits that can be derived by sleeping adequately. If you have problem falling asleep, then this article may be of help how to fall asleep easily.

    9. Avoidance of Liquid Calories - Throw out all your sweetened drinks including those with artificial sweeteners. Sugar causes your insulin level to spike up very quickly making your body to go into a fat storing mode. Many people found out that they lost weight simply by just stopping sugar consumption.

    We may suffer from sugar cravings for a while since most of us have sugar addiction without realizing it. However your taste buds will get used to drinking good old plain water without the sugar pretty soon and the sugar cravings will subside and even disappear in due course.

    Besides, sugar not only makes you gain weight, it also brings along a lot of other health problems such as diabetes and arthritis among others. This is because inflammations thrive on sugar and inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. So do yourself a big fat favor (pun intended) by cutting out all sugary drinks as well as sweetened foodstuff if you can. In other words, avoid sugar like a plague.

    Although it is not yet carved in stone, some studies are now suggesting that sugar feed cancer cells and make them grow and multiply. So when you stop consuming sugar, you may be starving away potential cancer development.

    So there you are, 9 tips to lose weight that work to get your body weight down quickly in which everyone can do, provided you put your heart and soul to it. Will you? Good, let's get started right away.


Tips for setting weight loss goals video presented by Dr Mike Clark

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